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Grandmother Whitefeather

Visionary, Wisdom Teacher & Keeper of the Earth

About Grandmother

Sapokniona Whitefeather, affectionately known as “Grandmother”, is a Visionary, Wisdom Teacher and Keeper of the Earth. Grandmother’s goals are to help people to understand their journey here on Earth; to help others to see their full potential through their life experiences as well as through her teachings and example; lastly, to walk softly on Mother Earth and to respect all life forms everywhere.


She is a Certified Alternative Healer trained in numerous healing modalities, i.e., Light Weaving, Aromatherapy, Trauma Release, Enneagram, Energy Psychology, and Reiki. She is a Spiritual Counselor. Grandmother also recently completed her doctorate of divinity. Grandmother has led workshops, retreats, teaching circles and ceremony. She has conducted Silent Retreats to help people to go within to connect with their Higher Self. This is achieved through different forms of guided imagery, walking meditations and ceremony.


Grandmother often works with veterans' organizations focusing on helping veterans and their spouses to release trauma and supporting families to come back into balance through energy psychology and ceremony. Grandmother serves as board member for Cardinal Retreats, a Maine based service organization. She worked with Angel Fire Veterans Wellness retreat in New Mexico and has served as spiritual counselor at the Embrace The Vet retreat in Harpswell, Maine.



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